Personalised Sweets

Candy can be a hit at any event. But, a more memorable choice is personalised rock sweets. These are typically hard candies with a special message or name printed either on the wrapper, the stick, or the candy itself. There are many types of sweets that can be personalized.

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Fruit Roll Candy

Fruit candy comes in hard roll sections and is often made with natural flavors. It is usually colorful and often resembles the color schemes of the fruits that go into the flavoring. Some special fruit rock candies can include cream flavoring on the inner or outer layers. Popular flavors include pineapple, watermelon, apple, raspberry, strawberry, lemon-lime, orange, passion fruit, and nectarine. Candies like this can be purchased in a single flavor or as a mix of various flavors. These candies are brightly colored and can be purchased to coordinate with party colors or themes.

Rock Crystal Sticks

Rock candy sticks are small pieces of crystalised rock candy attached to a lollipop stick. They are typically wrapped with a decorative ribbon at the end of the wrapper. This type of candy comes in many different flavors and colors so it can be coordinated with party themes or decor. The message is printed on the wrapper. Buyers can choose from several different fonts and colors for the printing. The buyer can also choose the ribbon color on the bottom of the wrapper. Popular flavors of this candy include watermelon, cherry, blueberry, and green apple. The rock crystal sticks are festive and make the perfect party favors for birthdays, weddings, religious celebrations, and other events. The messages on the wrapper are personalized for the event and can include names and dates.

Rock Candy Lollipops

This form of rock candy is suitable for many occasions. It is especially suitable for children who are no longer at risk for choking and for adults. The lollipops make a larger surface for imprinting personalized messages. Rock candy lollipops come in a variety of flavors, as well as solid or swirl color schemes. They can be purchased in round, heart, or other desirable shapes.

Why Order Rock Candy

The ability to personalise rock candy makes it ideal for memorable occasions like weddings, anniversaries, and other milestone celebrations. Rock candy is less messy than other types of sweets. The hard surface makes it ideal for including a personalised message on the outside or on the stick.

Ordering sweets for promotions is a memorable way to promote a company's name. It is a different type of promotional tool that can be served at a grand opening. It can be sent to potential new customers to reinforce the company name or sent to current customers as a thank you gift. It does not easily melt so the sender can be assured the candy will arrive intact, in its attractive form and carefully wrapped. One of the popular features of rock candy for special occasions is that it can be ordered in bulk. The best feature is that candy is typically well received by people of all ages.